Market Research Exec. Joins the Peace Party

CMC Partner Cynthia Steinberg

Nobody loves a party more than Cynthia Steinberg.  So for her, the Peace Party is a natural fit.

Ms. Steinberg is the Founder and President of Sounding House, an innovative market research firm.  Three years ago she sought assistance with conflict resolution for two of her key staff members and turned to CMC.  With several sessions of mediation, the valued employees solved many of the challenges they experienced with each other relating to different work styles. The outcome re-affirmed Cynthia’s belief in the benefit of mediation.  She continued her association with CMC by sharing her expertise with staff and board members at an image enhancement session, held at her office in Overland Park.

This year, the search was on for another creative way to support CMC’s goal of providing professional conflict resolution assistance and training for children and youth as well as low-income families.  A plan was hatched to commission 5 peace related original paintings from Rob Hatem, a popular local artist.  Products incorporating the art would be sold to raise money for the center.  Almost 9 months after the inception of the plan, the art has been created, the 15- month calendars and posters have been printed and this unique project has been realized.

Underwritten by Sounding House, all proceeds will go to direct service for clients of CMC who otherwise could not afford to pay for needed conflict resolution assistance.  Ms. Steinberg found a way to support the work of CMC, that engages her creative and playful personality!  Welcome to the Peace Party!

You are invited:  Watch for your opportunity to receive an original art calendar with a $25 donation to CMC.


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  1. Celeste Roberts
    Aug 31, 2011 @ 16:44:24

    Great post! Sounding House is thrilled to support such a worthwhile organization – doing so much good in our community by nurturing our abilities to listen, and really hear and understand, one another.


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