Peace by Piece

artwork by Rob Hatem

        Where will YOU be on Tuesday, November 15th at noon?  The Staff, Board of Directors, Volunteers and many Community Mediation Center Supporters will be having lunch at the Kansas City Marriott Downtown, in the Colonial Room, with the mayor.
        The luncheon event is a benefit for the mediation center.  The goal is to develop continuing funding to support mediation services for residents of Kansas City.  Since the close of the city’s Human Relations Mediation Department in 2009, Kansas City offices, 311, United Way 211, police officers, legal aid and many others, refer cases to CMC when interpersonal conflict resolution assistance is needed.
        The Community Mediation Center (CMC) has recently seen an increase of over 65% in the number of people we serve a year. More and more people are discovering the power of mediation.
        Conflict is normal, violence is not. The mediation we do at CMC, empowers parties to solve conflict  before it becomes violent, with a secure and respectful facilitated process.   Another effort, the Aim 4 Peace  Violence Prevention Project, seeks to change the behavior that leads to violence through preventitive, intensive case management and  intervenes during and after violence occurs to stop retaliation and further violence.  Both efforts involve face to face encounters to talk and listen for greater understanding.
        Kansas City is looking for ways to solve conflict peacefully, before it escalates to violence, and mediation is one piece of the puzzle.  Mayor James recognizes the value of mediation and supports the use of mediation to solve conflict.
        You can join the growing network of individuals and organizations that are working to create a safer Kansas City.
        Sponsor -$2,500 -5,000      Table – $1,500     Individual lunch-  $150
        Call 816-461-8255 to reserve your spot at lunch!

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