Palestine Neighborhood Joins the Peace Party

Annette and Don Ivans at Palestine with Thomas E., Thomas O., and Anna Bibbs

Annette and Don Ivans at Palestine with Thomas E., Thomas O., and Anna Bibbs

Mix energy, interest, enthusiasm and momentum together and you will have a sense for the conflict resolution sessions at the Palestine Neighborhood Development Corporation in April and May.  The sessions, made possible through a grant from the JAMS Foundation, covered topics such as conflict coaching, communication skills practice and trauma healing.

Thomas Bibbs, president of the Neighborhood Association, his wife Anna and son Thomas E., hosted the events, greeting participants as they arrived and creating a welcoming space for interactive learning to take place. The final session found the group of 41 community members walking through a conflict coaching process based upon a real life scenario involving siblings and secret information.  Through the coaching process we asked questions such as: How do you feel? How do you want to feel? How might the other person feel?  What is the best outcome?  What type of engagement might facilitate that outcome? These questions helped us find empathy for all of the conflict partners and to see the benefit of staying separate from the problem yet connected to the people in multi-party situations.

As Community Mediation Center (CMC) facilitators, we learned far more from the group than we taught and found ourselves looking forward to the sessions with anticipation and excitement.  It is our hope that an already competent and engaged community gleaned helpful theories and concepts for navigating the daily conflicts we, as human beings, face. One participant wrote, “I’m learning the importance of staying calm and staying open minded in conflict”. That’s a skill we can all aspire to!  Welcome to the Peace Party!

You can join.  Help us continue to bring conflict resolution training to areas of extremely high conflict, empowering communities to solve conflict before it escalates to violence. Find the button to the right and ‘DONATE NOW’


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