Cherith Brook Joins the Peace Party

Skills Practice at Cherith Brook

Skills Practice at Cherith Brook

The residents, volunteers and supporters of Cherith Brook Catholic Worker House are “committed to regularly feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, giving drink to the thirsty, welcoming the stranger, visiting the prisoner and the sick in the name of Jesus”. Many residents of their Northeast neighborhood know Cherith Brook as the ‘Shower House’. 4 mornings a week they open the facility to guests that would not otherwise have access to a shower, creating opportunities for renewal. Many more times a week they feed people, from their garden and from donations to the house.

For the second time in 3 years, Cherith Brook founders, Jodi and Eric Garbison, sought and received a grant for Interpersonal Conflict Resolution Training from the Community Mediation Center (CMC). In February, 2014, 23 people affiliated with Cherith Brook came together for 2 days of training, customized to speak to the universal yet unique challenges of getting along with others where differences exist. The diverse group of participants included outspoken young adults, service providers, guests of Cherith Brook, students, neighbors and long-time volunteers.

Participants discussed and practiced skills for conflict resolution and shared experiences, thoughts and insights. On day 2, one participant, a regular guest at Cherith Brook, shared what it was like for him to be homeless and struggling to live day to day on the streets. The planned curriculum was suspended for a few moments as we listening to him speak from his heart, the wisdom that comes from moving through life altering challenges.

It is true that peace building begins with an internal commitment to solve conflict in our own lives, thoughtfully, honestly and with compassion for ourselves and others. Cherith Brook models this commitment. Welcome to the Peace Party!



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