Journey to New Life Joins the Peace Party

IMG_0242Understandings of justice, the needs of the victim, offender and the community when harm occurs, the role of shame and trauma in conflict and other pertinent conversations took place every Wednesday afternoon for five weeks at Journey to New Life, 3144 Troost, Kansas City, Missouri. People dedicated to getting their lives back on track after incarceration shared insights and struggles with each other, myself and Greg Winship, co-trainer for the Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR).

Made possible by a grant from the Community Capital Fund, a core group of 14 and 30 others who came to at least one session, shared a noon meal, then engaged in an interactive 3 hour session to explore choices we make in conflict, new perspectives and new skills. How does it change our perspective when we map a conflict using markers, a large piece of paper, circles and jagged lines? Working together in groups, participants discovered that a conflict that began with 2 people often grows to impact their families, the neighborhood and the whole community. Gaining a wider perspective proves our connectedness with each other and shows the importance of personal responsibility. Welcome to the Peace Party!

This is the peace building work of the Center for Conflict Resolution. You can join. Go to our website to attend a training, utilize services, volunteer or donate to a general fund or a specific program,

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