Jackson County COMBAT joins the peaceparty

IMG_2366As a training facilitator for the Center for Conflict Resolution, there is nothing more inspiring than to watch a curious and bright training participant fit the pieces together and create something new for themselves. I watched such a creation unfold with a young woman who attended training at Ivanhoe Neighborhood Association.  The training was funded by a Jackson County COMBAT Prevention grant, and Ivanhoe graciously provided the perfect venue.

From the first time I met her, Jenika showed an acute interest in the principles of Restorative Justice. I watched her gather information, grapple with her own thoughts and feelings, and then incorporate the expanded perspective she gained to improve her interactions with others. During the second to the last class session, Jenika asked if she could present to the group the following week. Since one of the goals of the community trainings is capacity building, and since Jenika had earlier shared a desire to be a facilitator, we said “Sure!”

The following week, she began by saying she was nervous, although it didn’t show. She described some of the principles and values of the Restorative Justice way of life and then related it accurately and beautifully to her own experience. She spoke of the people that her past behaviors affected; her children, her family and her community, and shared a process for restitution and rebuilding. As her presentation came to a close, she listed elements that, for her, described restoration:

  • Abuse free relationships
  • Strong encouraging support system
  • Honest, open relationship with authority figures
  • Healthy decision making
  • Positive Community Involvement
  • Family building/Family trust
  • Positive social network
  • Positive credibility in my community

Living a restored life, one decision at a time! Welcome to the Peace Party!

You can join! Contact us at www.ccrkc.org   alantz.ccr@gmail.com   816-461-8255


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