CCF and CCR in 2015 !

Christine Kahm hands me the big check!

Christine Kahm hands me the big check!

The Center for Conflict Resolution is thrilled to be working with the Community Capital Fund (CCF) again this year to engage residents in conflict resolution workshops. The project, “Safe and Connected Communities” brings groups of people from neighborhoods, churches, schools and other organizations together for 6 interactive workshops. The group shares a meal, then explores concepts of Restorative Justice; all parties affected by conflict and harm are included in plans to make things as right as possible moving forward. Other topics include Restorative Discipline, the ‘Think, Listen, Collaborate” process and more. A circle format invites learning and deep connection between participants, forming a core group of individuals who support each other during and after the experience. Participants create a project to take back to their communities, exposing more people to the possibilities that occur when conflict resolution skills are used in situations where differences arise.  CCF’s support includes a ‘crowdfunding’ aspect that allows everyone to take part in realizing the goals for the project. Click here Safe and Connected to learn more about the project and help us fund the project! CCF matches your donation for twice the impact!

Welcome to the Peace Party!


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