CCR and Head Start Stars!

YMCA Head Start Teachers and StaffPresident’s Day 2017 –  Center for Conflict Resolution (CCR) facilitators Mikhala Lantz-Simmons, Greg Winship, Jackie Buycks, Garry Buycks and myself worked with 185 YMCA Head Start teachers and administrative staff members in a six-hour professional development workshop. When CCR took the floor we led a dignity exercise based on Dr. Donna Hicks’ book ‘Dignity: It’s Essential Role in Conflict Resoltuion’. We explored the question, “How can we speak and act in ways that uphold our own and other people’s dignity in the midst of conflict?”

The second half of the morning we offered a personal conflict style profile to assist participants in seeing themselves and others in conflict more clearly. The afternoon was dedicated to a CCR activity called CHALLENGE CONFLICT. What appeared to be a room full of chaos was actually an intense lesson in effective conflict communication.

We ended the day with a circle process in which the participants shared a concept from the workshop that impacted them. Energy and committment to teaching and caring for young children was evident throughout the day. Welcome to the Peace Party!

You can join! Contact CCR to schedule a conflict resolution workshop for your organization.  816-461-8255



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